Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm due to have my first baby any day now. I want to get my home ready for her before then, clean my carpets and maybe my upholstery. But is it safe???
A: First of all, congratulations! Cleaning your carpets, upholstery and air ducts before the blessed event makes a lot of sense. You want you give your new baby the ideal environment to start her new life in, and a clean home is certainly a big part of that.

Here in Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Perth Amboy, we do not compromise the health of our customers! We use green cleaning products which are safe and Eco-Friendly. It is absolutely safe for new borns, pregnant women, pets and the elderly to be around the area cleaned.

A carpet cleaning is highly recommended to get rid of excess dirt and dust and the various pollutants in the air. In that sense, it is nicely complimented by the air duct cleaning service, which rids you of previously mentioned allergens, in addition to making sure that are no serious health hazards in the ducts such as mold or a rodent infestation.

Q: I have an old oriental rug which I love but it has been to a lot. Puppies, a little water damage. Is it worthwhile trying to save?
A: Quite possibly. This is not the kind of answer we can "phone in". One of our rug cleaning specialists will have inspect the rug for you. We can give you an onsite evaluation free of charge! At that point we will determine what type of results we expect to achieve by cleaning the rug. But there's reason for optimism. We had transformed rugs in a way you wouldn't believe on countless occasions in the past. Our cleaning and rug repair ability are rivaled by none. While we do clean rugs at the customer's home as well, it sounds as though your rug would benefit from a thorough cleaning at our factory. Don't worry though, we offer free pickup and drop off!

Q: Can I clean my mattress with a vacuum cleaner?
A: Yes, you can clean your mattress with a vacuum cleaner. However, without the knowledge of the right technique and chemicals to use, you might end up ruining your mattress. We recommend that you employ the services of professional cleaners.

Q: What is the best way to clean a mattress?
A: There is no best way to clean your mattress, as it all depends on the fabric and the stains. You might not be able to determine the best method to use for your mattress. Therefore, the best way to clean your bed is to get our trained technicians to help you.

Q: What can cause yellow stains on my mattress?
A: Urine or sweat can cause yellow stains. If sweat keeps drying on your mattress, it could result in yellowish stains. Urine from your pets or children can also change the color of your white bed to yellow.

Q: What can stain my mattress?
A: Several things can stain your mattress. Urine, sweat, and blood are some of the most common ones. Dust and dirt that stay in your bed for a long time can lead to brownish stains. Beverages and food can also stain your mattress.

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